New American Cuisine: Wide Variety of Innovative Dishes

06 Feb

The New American Cuisine is a blend of culinary traditions of different parts of the world. It refers to a series of entirely new recipes that are gaining popularity in the restaurants of the United State of America currently. The chefs responsible for this innovation in the culinary tradition are indebted to the immigrants who, from time to time, have come to settle down in various parts of America from different parts of the world, due to very many reasons. The immigrants of different ethnic communities of the world, in turn, have inspired the chefs of varied American restaurants to oblige their taste buds with something new that might come close to the traditional food of their native lands. Therefore, the “New American” culinary tradition has welcomed the spices and cuisines of France, Italy, Japan, China, Spain, Greece, India, Thailand, Morocco and Vietnam.

Availability of continental spices, fresh ingredients, creative expertise of the chefs, and ever growing demands of the immigrants of different communities have made the New American Cuisine a food lover’s delight. It offers a huge range of delicious recipes influenced by members of different ethnic communities. This new food culture is experimental, innovative, yet highly successful since it is on high demand at present. Indeed, it is in the kitchens of the New American restaurants of the United States of America, that one can expect the freedom to have the taste of the food of his/her homeland readily served for consumption.

The cooking tradition of different countries blended with the locally available food ingredients has made this new cuisine offer Chicken & Turkey in the same recipe and Pasta and Pizza in the same one. So, do not get surprised, if you are served fish along with sea food, or, for that matter, beef with pork. It might sound awkward, but, the preparations do look delicious and taste superb.

The new variety of regional cuisines along with the United States’ steak houses, sandwich shops, seafood restaurants, pizza parlours and regular bar and grill corners has to offer a lot to the food lovers of the world. If you are a resident of the United State of America but hail from a different country, and miss the food of your homeland like hell, might try to take out some time and explore what the New American food culture has to offer to you. Who knows, you might get to discover your lost and forgotten tastes and flavours.

Author’s bio: Take a break from your daily score and explore the new food culture of the multi- cuisine American restaurants. The New American culinary tradition is more varied and more creative than any cooking tradition of the world. It exhausts the continental recipes and food ingredients and comes up with unique dishes that are welcomed by any food buff. Therefore, it is a good exposure for the new resident Americans who are away from their families, homelands and native food. They can now indulge in the New American Cuisine and enjoy their nostalgia.

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