There must be food for the soul and it has been rightly said about the New American Cuisines

20 May

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul and it has been rightly said about the New American Cuisines

Any place or country is known for its rich cultural heritage in food and traditional cuisines. When we talk about the American food, immediately the fast, junk and processed food pops in our mind. To tell you honestly, Americans have an impressive appetite for good stuff. The cuisine of the United States refers to food preparation originating from the United States of America. You have probably seen the term New American cuisines tagged in several restaurants, but do you really know the implication of this term? Updating the classic American dishes was part of the movement in its earliest days. The reason for the food diversity is due to the influx of immigrants

Once you visit America you can experience more fine dining restaurants than almost anywhere in the world. I truly believe that American cuisines will make us proud. Now, we have bid adieu to the old cuisines and acknowledged the fusion food that has been received with open arms by the Americans. It is not the apple pie and hot dogs, that we call our own. We have invented some of the most creative, downright and craziest dishes the world has ever seen. The top ten foods that is considered the heart of America are-

Corn Dog is reserved for festivals and fairs.

The delicious Philly cheese steak are made with the crappiest ingredients are made for the exclusive taste buds.

Chinese food offers an array of beautiful and deep fried, grease soaked food. Chop suey, egg rolls, chow mein, fortune cookies are all invented in America.

I have yet to meet the person who does not like S’mores. The Americans loves it and we are crazy about this delicacy. Reuben sandwich is topped with a Russian dressing a beautiful orange mayonnaise and a pound of meat per sandwich.

After such a greasy, fatty foods sometimes we are tired and retire to the day with just a salad. The ultimate example is the Cobb salad. The making of this unique salad is extravagant and it’s ingredients comprises of what is found in your fridge like bacon, chicken, eggs, cheese, just pile them hard on the plate and it is ready go.

When we talk about dessert, it is not only the ice cream or pie, but presents it differently, by baking the entire box of ice cream and makes further make it a baked Alaska.

Chicken is fine sometime, but to treat your taste buds with some different tang, burn the Buffalo wings, until its barely recognizable as meat and serve it with the extra hot sauce.

If you are holidaying and want the party to be perfect, the ideal dish would be turducken. The reason behind giving the name like this is, because a duck is shoving inside it and then a shove a chicken inside that. You can enjoy this extravagant dish in the thanksgiving feast, or enjoy it during Christmas, and most uniquely on the fourth of July.

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice-cream has been significantly improved and millions of Ellicott City Restaurants have attempted to recreate Ruth’s recipe since 1937.

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