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What to Order from the Columbia Restaurant Menu

The Columbia Restaurant at St. Armand’s Circle in Sarasota is a place where you can relax and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Located amidst several boutique and specialty shops on St. Armand’s Circle, this place is considered one of the finest for Spanish cuisine.

This beautiful Mediterranean style restaurant provides the option of indoor or open-air seating at a patio table, complete with white table linen! While the original restaurant is located in Ybor City, Florida, this place has a charm of its own.

The restaurant offers an extensive menu, which includes tapas, soups, salads, meat, seafood, chicken and paella, considered “The National Dish of Spain.” Each meal comes with freshly baked Cuban bread and butter. If you happen to dine at Columbia, do not forget to try the “1905 Salad” which is a speciality here. Of all the restaurants in Sarasota restaurants, only the Columbia restaurant menu serves this delicious salad, which is prepared fresh, by the side of your table by a skilled waiter or waitress. Containing crisp iceberg lettuce, baked ham juliennes, fresh lemon juice, natural Swiss cheese, grated Romano cheese, tomato, olives, and a 100 year old secret family garlic dressing recipe, this salad is a must order.

One portion of the 1905 salad is large enough as a first course for 3-4 people, or it can be eaten as a meal all by itself! A smaller portion of this salad is also available in combination with a meal.

Apart from this delectable salad, the other must have items in the Howard County Restaurant Menus include the “Salteado,” with your choice of meat or shrimp. This is a Cuban stir fried dish, inspired by the Chinese who lived in Cuba in the 19th century. In this dish, ingredients such as onions, green peppers, mushrooms, diced fried potatoes, and chorizo are sautéed in olive oil and then splashed with some red wine. But remember that the portions are huge so you may need to pack the leftovers home.

Another delicious item on the menu is the Cannelloni de Langosta “Setes Portes,” originally from Barcelona. This delicate dish consists Cannelloni pastas stuffed with lobster meat, shrimp, pan seared scallops and sautéed shallots in a lobster cherry cream sauce. Simply out of this world!

Columbia restaurant also offers lesser priced combo meals for a quick bite, which is usually preferred by people on the move. This includes a soup or a half Cuban sandwich, along with a small portion of a 1905 salad, priced only $9.95. The entrees for dinner are also moderately priced between $18.95 and $33.00, and a speciality includes a 14 ounce New York Strip steak known as “the Bambino.” However, the lunch menu offers equally good variety, and is much cheaper than the dinner menu. The restaurant also has a bar which serves Sangria, a refreshing wine cooler from Spain.

Amongst all restaurants in Sarasota, the Columbia Restaurant is a must-visit, and can easily be included amidst your shopping or sightseeing trips!

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A Guide to Popular Howard County Restaurants

Howard County in Maryland has several popular eating places. Most of these joints participate in restaurant weeks that feature a global theme and flavour. Most of the leading restaurants offer up special menus which are an amalgamation of home grown flavours as well as international tastes. These Howard County restaurants offer set menus at a fixed price ranging from $10.13 to $40.13.

The perfect treat for the foodie, these restaurants offer delectable fare at low prices, during Restaurant Week. So you can go ahead and binge on exotic fare, without having to splurge! Some of the most popular restaurants in Howard County include AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar, The Melting Pot, Union Jack’s, and the Iron Bridge Wine Co in Columbia, Alexandra’s American Fusion, Portalli’s, Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant, and The Diamondback Tavern in Ellicott City, Baldwin’s Station in Sykesville, Ranazul Tapas. Wine. Bistro in Maple Lawn, and The Elkridge Furnace Inn in Elkridge.

Baldwin’s Station is a hot favourite, having won several popular category awards. The restaurant’s offbeat location and delectable cuisine has led to it ranking high in the popularity charts as well as being the common choice at weddings, entertainment evenings as well as fine dining experiences. Baldwin’s Station takes pride in its attention to detail and customized service, which only serve to add to its charm.

Another popular outlet called Bistro Blanc, also offers a unique sensory experience, with a spread of fine wines, exotic cheeses and food made from the finest ingredients, which most often are local.

The Woodstock Inn located by a rustic hillside is also a popular restaurant in Howard County. This place offers delicious everyday food along with an assortment of beers, wines and exotic liquors, and also offers special events on game days or evening entertainment.

While Aida Bistro & Wine Bar in Columbia serves assorted seafood as well as exotic cheese platters during restaurant weeks held in winter, Iron Bridge Wine Company is renowned for its wine and tapas. Bon Fresco in Columbia is famous for its sandwiches and assorted breads while Maiwand Kabob is a preferred destination for kebab lovers. Royal Taj offers fabulous north Indian food and has superb buffet spreads, while Shin Chon Garden in Elicott city is known for its Korean spread.

If you are a die-hard gastronome but are not too experimental with food and end up at your favourite dine dens every time you eat out, Howard County Restaurant Weeks is the perfect excuse for you to binge and experiment with global flavours without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Good food is an essential part of fine living. So if you are new to Howard County or are planning to settle down there sooner or later, this short and snappy food guide will help you to try out local as well as global flavours in Howard County. With a plethora of Howard County restaurants offering delicious Howard County Restaurant Menus as varied as Korean, Indian, Italian or Spanish, eating out will become an enriching experience for you.

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How to Start a Wine Bar Restaurant

Of late, wine bars have become trendy hotspots to hang out with friends, drink and dine. This type of a business is not only enjoyable to run, but also hugely successful and lucrative. It does not matter whether you live in a large metropolis or a small town, you can always start a successful wine bar restaurant keeping in mind some of the tips mentioned below.

First and foremost, before you venture into any business, it is essential to learn as much as you can about the main product or service. In this case, you need to known about wines, their different varieties, how wines are made, how to store and serve them, the types of glassware used to serve them, food pairings with each type of wine and the fine art of wine tasting. The best way to do this would be to attend an online or a local wine school, read books and articles about wine or subscribe to journals such as “Wine Spectator.” The more knowledge you gain about wine, the more you will be able to educate your customers as well as entertain them.

The next step would be to select a niche for your wine bar. For example, you may want to feature wines from other nations or start a casual wine bar. You may also decide to open a wine bar that focuses on educating clients about wine, or one that hosts events or gatherings.

Once you have decided on your speciality, the next important step is to select a location for your wine bar restaurant. A good idea would be to locate it at shopping centres or near entertainment spots such as theatres, billiard halls, and dance clubs or on a street known for its restaurants.

Once the location is finalized, now you need to obtain the licenses or permits that are required to run a restaurant with a wine bar. This would involve getting a liquor license, a food enterprise permit, a tax identification number given by your state, name certificates or employer identification number, and other relevant permits. Stewards or servers who work at your venture will also need to undergo an alcohol server’s training if required by the state.

Once the permits are in place, you need to now concentrate on developing a menu for your wine Apart from wine; you will need to have a menu for finger food, tapas, appetizers, an assortment of cheeses, besides the full course meals. This requires taking help from an expert as pairing wines with different types of food can only be done best by a real connoisseur.

The question now arises, as to where you will get your supply of wine from. Most wine bars purchase the wines from a wine distributor. Besides this, you will also need to buy furniture, wine racks, serving ware, glassware, etc to do up the interiors of your wine bar.

Finally, you need to market and promote your wine bar by advertising about it in print and online directories, giving out complimentary coupons to art galleries and museums, hosting events such as music nights, and wine tasting sessions or even by launching an website of your business.

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An Overview of Howard County Restaurant Menus

Howard County in Maryland offers restaurant weeks featuring a global theme and flavour. Chefs of the top restaurants whip up special menus which can boast of amazing home grown flavors. Participating restaurants offer fixed price menus which contain multiple meal courses. These fixed price menus range from $10.13 to $40.13.

With the multifarious Howard County Restaurant Menus, your taste buds will get the experience of global cuisines without having to dig a deep hole in your pocket! Offering fixed menus with several courses, these fabulous set meals are priced rather competitively at $10.13 and can go up to $40.13, depending on what is of offer.

Almost all restaurants in Howard County participate in the. The list below outlines some of the major restaurants that feature in Restaurant Week.

  • AIDA Bistro & Wine Bar, The Melting Pot, Café de Paris, The Coho Grill, Union Jack’s, Victoria Gastro Pub, and the Iron Bridge Wine Co in Columbia
  • Kelsey’s Restaurant and Catering, Alexandra’s American Fusion, Portalli’s, Stella Notte Restaurant, Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant, and The Diamondback Tavern in Ellicott City
  • Baldwin’s Station in Sykesville
  • Bistro Blanc in Glenelg
  • Ranazul Ranazul Tapas.Wine.Bistro in Maple Lawn
  • The Elkridge Furnace Inn in Elkridge

Some of the more popular ones in this list include restaurants such as Baldwin’s Station which has won the “Favorite Restaurant” Award for 2012 awarded by the Restaurant Association of Maryland. It has also been touted as “Baltimore’s Best” and has received the Zagat Award Distinction several times. Baldwin’s Station’s uncommon venue and fine cuisine enjoys pride of place in leading dining, entertainment and wedding catering lists. The unique selling proposition of this place is its attention to detail and customized service, which add to the charm of this historic landmark.

Another popular restaurant is Bistro Blanc, which can be described as an experience for the senses, with an assortment of fine wines, exotic cheeses and fabulous food made from the finest local ingredients.

The Woodstock Inn is a finely renovated restaurant located by a rustic hillside. This restaurant offers delicious casual food along with an array of beers, wines and exotic liquors, apart from special offers on game days as well as entertainment in the evenings.

Town Grill at Lisbon Citgo Auto Center is a one-stop shop offering full service, a well-known deli and a lip-smacking BBQ, while Aida Bistro & Wine Bar in Columbia offers assorted seafood as well as cheese platters during Restaurant Weeks held in winter. If you are looking to spice up your winter cuisine, these Howard County restaurant menus are just the right thing for you! Soak up the delicacies from across the world at throwaway prices ranging from ranging from $10.13 to $40.13. You do not need to travel to Brazil for a Braziliansteak, you can get the same at Ranazul in Maple Lawn, or even a portabella sandwich at Baldwin’s Station.

If you are a die-hard foodie but have not ventured out of your regular dine den for quite some time, Howard County Restaurant Weeks is the perfect excuse for you!

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