How to Start a Wine Bar Restaurant

12 Jun

Of late, wine bars have become trendy hotspots to hang out with friends, drink and dine. This type of a business is not only enjoyable to run, but also hugely successful and lucrative. It does not matter whether you live in a large metropolis or a small town, you can always start a successful wine bar restaurant keeping in mind some of the tips mentioned below.

First and foremost, before you venture into any business, it is essential to learn as much as you can about the main product or service. In this case, you need to known about wines, their different varieties, how wines are made, how to store and serve them, the types of glassware used to serve them, food pairings with each type of wine and the fine art of wine tasting. The best way to do this would be to attend an online or a local wine school, read books and articles about wine or subscribe to journals such as “Wine Spectator.” The more knowledge you gain about wine, the more you will be able to educate your customers as well as entertain them.

The next step would be to select a niche for your wine bar. For example, you may want to feature wines from other nations or start a casual wine bar. You may also decide to open a wine bar that focuses on educating clients about wine, or one that hosts events or gatherings.

Once you have decided on your speciality, the next important step is to select a location for your wine bar restaurant. A good idea would be to locate it at shopping centres or near entertainment spots such as theatres, billiard halls, and dance clubs or on a street known for its restaurants.

Once the location is finalized, now you need to obtain the licenses or permits that are required to run a restaurant with a wine bar. This would involve getting a liquor license, a food enterprise permit, a tax identification number given by your state, name certificates or employer identification number, and other relevant permits. Stewards or servers who work at your venture will also need to undergo an alcohol server’s training if required by the state.

Once the permits are in place, you need to now concentrate on developing a menu for your wine Apart from wine; you will need to have a menu for finger food, tapas, appetizers, an assortment of cheeses, besides the full course meals. This requires taking help from an expert as pairing wines with different types of food can only be done best by a real connoisseur.

The question now arises, as to where you will get your supply of wine from. Most wine bars purchase the wines from a wine distributor. Besides this, you will also need to buy furniture, wine racks, serving ware, glassware, etc to do up the interiors of your wine bar.

Finally, you need to market and promote your wine bar by advertising about it in print and online directories, giving out complimentary coupons to art galleries and museums, hosting events such as music nights, and wine tasting sessions or even by launching an website of your business.

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